Saying Good-Bye


Grieving the loss of our beloved companion animals can be among the deepest sorrows of life. Our pets are often our dearest, most steadfast friends. They are a source of joy, affection and laughter. Their love is unconditional. Their touch comforts. They listen in their gentle way as we share our burdens and sorrows. Their antics amuse, delight and sometimes frustrate. They are family--our kids. When they are gone, there is a gaping hole in our lives.

Loss and death are inevitable facts of life and grief a natural reaction. When our pet dies, is lost, stolen or separated from us because of divorce or a move, it is natural to feel sad and mourn. We experience a storm of confusing emotions. Feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, aloneness and abandonment are common.

Working with a skilled and experienced therapist who understands your loss can be a great help. The goal of grief work is to attain emotional healing and to use the experience of loss to grow and become whole.

I have taken this journey through grief many times. Our beloved animals whom we have lost are irreplaceable, but we honor them most by integrating the gifts and lessons of our relationship with them into our lives and learning to love again.

The inspiration for this grief work with animal loss was the death of my beloved dog, Luke, whose picture is on the cover of my brochure and whose life is honored through this work.